We've been around a while

A quick timeline

Barcombe’s Flower Show appeared in 2007, as an Autumn event held in the school’s Sports Hall.

In 2009 the Spring Show arrived, coinciding with a shift in venue to the High Street and the old Village Hall.

Things stayed that way until the new hall opened in 20??, prompting a second move. The extra space let us expand both Shows, increasing their scope and adding the Art Group.

Cups replaced the previous small cash prize for winners in 2009. At first there were just three, all for Best Exhibit: The Garden Club Cup for vegetables, The Arbenz Cup for cookery and Slater Cup for flower arranging. Others soon followed courtesy of Barcombe Nurseries (vegetables and flowers), Barcombe WI (cookery and preserves), Joan Turnbull  (best bunch of flowers) and Emma Goldstein (best rose exhibit).

Initially, children’s class sponsorship came from Eliza Brown, which was then a local shoe business. Now, though, it’s  thanks to Bradness Gallery. The latest prize arrived in 2017  –  The Bevern View Trust Cup for photography.

We’re very happy to say that our Shows have (literally) bossomed over the last 13 years. So why not…

join in!

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