In the Village Hall

The days are lengthening and the birds have begun to sing. Which suggests that Spring can’t be too far off…and with it comes the Garden Club’s Spring Show!

How to enter

  • First you’ll need a Schedule of Classes. To download a printable copy, just click the red button below.
  • Next, pick your preferred Class or Classes. At the end of the Schedule you’ll find an entry form: entering any Class only costs 40p, so do try several! The Schedule also gives important dates and times for entries.  
  • Then tot up the total fee. Take cash or a cheque, plus your list of Classes entered, to Barcombe Village Shop – owner Rob has kindly agreed to collect them. 
  • Not sure how to present your entries so they have the best  chance of success? Our handy guide has sound advice.

Who won what last year?

No need to guess… here are the full results